Jessica Jacobi - Victoria

Posted on November 17, 2014 by Bhavana Apparel

Profile: Since a very young age, Jessica has been exploring a variety of activities including gymnastics, martial arts, folkloric dance, and was formally trained as a classical ballet dancer. Her passion about body movement techniques included a deep curiosity about physiology which led her to pursue a career in life sciences.

Born in Mexico, Jessica moved to Australia in 2008 as a neuroscientist. After trying out yoga for the very first time in 2010, she found her old injuries dissipated, fitness levels increased, aided in managing the stresses of a modern busy life, and supported her in the adaption to a new country.

In 2011, Jessica completed her Yoga Teacher Training program accredited by the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia. Soon after she became a full time yoga teacher as well as teaching a unique yoga dance style - Asanadance (

Jessica currently teaching at Yoga Dance Moves located in South Yarra, Melbourne. With an eclectic blend of body movement and dance, this is the new and exciting way of forward for the mind, body, and soul.